The Benefits of a Unified Communications System

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The Benefits of a Unified Communications System

At iWise Consulting, one of the services that we offer is what’s referred to as a “unified communications” system. The basic premise of unified communications is that allows you to bundle together real-time communication services (chat, telephony, video conferencing, data sharing, presence information, speech recognition, call control, etc.) with non-real-time communication services (voicemail, SMS, fax, email).

This type of communications system has been becoming more and more common in business settings ranging across all industries. And it’s easy to see why; there are numerous benefits that are inherent in unified communications systems that make them a much better option than more traditional forms of communication services.

Here are some of the greatest benefits that come with UC systems:

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  • Efficiency – Having all of these communications services bundled together in one package makes them much easier to use, as they can all be accessed from the same platform. It allows employees to communicate more rapidly with a broader range of people, and makes it easier to order the services you need because they all come bundled together.
  • No geographical limits – Not only can you work on a unified communications system anywhere at any time, but you also aren’t limited by who you can communicate with. You can easily call, chat or video conference with people in foreign countries or far away regions without having to deal with international or long distance fees.
  • Cost – Unified communications systems are extremely streamlined, and there is significantly less infrastructure needed than other, more traditional communications systems. This means that you’re getting higher quality service and more communications options at a lower price!


For more information about these services, we encourage you to contact us today at iWise Consulting. Our IT team is on hand to answer any questions that you might have about how you can benefit from a unified communications setup.