Nonprofits Considering Cloud Solutions—Here’s What You Need To Know 

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Nonprofits Considering Cloud Solutions—Here’s What You Need To Know 


The goals of nonprofit organizations are quite different than commercial companies.

There are plenty of for-profit companies that care about their clients and aim to make a difference in the world; however, they do so in the context of profit—and that’s a key difference.

There is no profit requirement for non-profits, which puts the mission front and center—it’s everything—which means everything else just gets in the way.

We’re a technology company and we LOVE it, so it’s not easy to admit that technology is just another distraction for NPOs, especially. You need to maximize your resources—do more with less—and the cloud helps you do just that.

The cloud makes things easier, cheaper and more accessible. Sure, these are things are important to every organization, but more so for nonprofits—simply because it gives you greater capability to focus on your cause, and that’s what matters!

Here are some key areas where cloud solutions help you:

Accessibility / mobility

Fieldwork can be a big part of nonprofit work, which means employees may not necessarily work from a central office. Migrating to the cloud allows team members to access what they need anytime, anywhere. All they need is an internet connection.


The most popular cloud solutions are backed by huge, reliable companies (like Microsoft,, Goolge, Amazon). The technology is very solid. However, end-user support is typically sparse; that’s where we come in. We’ll help with your strategic decisions, implementation and on-going support and maintenance. We want you to focus on your cause!

Excellent collaboration

There are many cloud-based collaboration to choose from. Office 365 offers Yammer and Skype for Business. Then there’s Cisco’s Cloud UC, Mitel and others. We’ll help you make the right choice—just know there’s a solution out there to meet your needs and budget. The cloud enables real-time collaboration across multiple workgroups, allowing secure and easy sharing of important data in an organized, centralized platform.


Conditions change—and sometimes quickly, without notice. Cloud solutions are designed to be eminently flexible. Enable / disable features as needed; add / remove people as needed.  

Cost savings

Cloud solutions stretch your dollar—period.  Gone are the days of paying out lump-sum capital investments for technology. Today, you pay smaller monthly fees only for what you need; no surprises. This makes for predictable spending and budgeting—what could be more important for NPOs?

Here at iWise, our expertise with multiple cloud providers and understanding of your unique needs as a nonprofit means we can help you find, implement and support the right solutions.  Let us worry about your IT. You go out there and change the world!