Here’s Why 2016 Will be the Year of Cloud

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Here’s Why 2016 Will be the Year of Cloud

“Cloud computing has amassed unstoppable momentum, but it’s just getting started.” 

In this recent Network World article, the author illustrates how cloud computing not only went mainstream in 2015, it also became the preferred option “for everything from storage to computing to apps to analytics.”

Adoption of cloud solutions is at all time high—and not just for small to medium sized businesses who were more open to exploring alternative IT systems; even for large, conservative enterprises as well.

Here are some milestones from 2015 that show how companies are beginning to embrace the benefits of the cloud:

These highlights are just a glimpse into how cloud computing is growing to be an undeniably critical part of business operations today.

What you can look forward to in 2016…

This year, we believe that cloud computing will prompt more business owners and IT managers to recognize cloud computing as the preferred solution for their IT needs. This could mean anything from full cloud migrations to custom hybrid deployments—the bottom line is that more and more companies are looking to the cloud based on its undeniable benefits, and it’s only poised to get better from here.

If your company is considering cloud solutions for 2016 and could use some expert advice and assistance, contact us.

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