Collaboration in a Cloud-centric World  

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Collaboration in a Cloud-centric World  

Can you imagine working today without the convenience of cloud-enabled solutions like screen-sharing, VoIP and instant messaging?

Only a short ten years ago (yes, I know I’m showing my age here), something as simple as a voice conversation and exchanging documents meant, picking up the phone and using a fax machine. And let’s hope we didn’t need a conference call because that meant trying out each person’s system to see which would work—because it always took 2-3 tries. An ad-hoc conference call? Forget about it!

Fast forward to today where business comm functions, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing (just to name a few) are literally just a few clicks away.

Cloud-enabled UC and collaboration solutions have transformed the way businesses work through easier and more power collaboration. Sure, it helps to plan ahead, but planning happens so much more easily and quickly with UC presence and integrated calendar free/busy information.

The right UC solution empowers team members (and even customers) to collaborate and work together more effectively—period.

For example, with Cisco Unified Communications, your organization can:

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on mobile devices, and on demand, as easily as making a phone call
  • Facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so workers can be productive anywhere
  • Integrate collaboration and communications into applications and business processes

Note that not all UC solutions are created equally and they don’t all offer the same value. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before choosing a solution.

Consider partnering with iWise! We take the time to learn your business needs to fit you with the proper solution. We specialize in education, non-profit and SMB commercial. We’re here to help with your IT and and UC needs!