Cloud Computing is Changing Education

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Cloud Computing is Changing Education

Much has been said about the impact of cloud computing for business. But what about cloud computing for education?

Quite simply, the advantages of cloud solutions, such as reducing CapEx IT costs, increasing accessibility, encouraging collaboration, improving productivity, can transform the classroom the same way (maybe even more) it has transformed business.

Let’s take a look at more tangible examples of how it can do that—

Cloud-based textbooks

Books are expensive—and cloud solutions provide students an option to access content on a platform that levels the playing field for students across all demographics. This means students can easily read learning materials online, without having to spend as much for physical textbooks.

Up-to-date learning materials

Because of the cost of books, it’s typical for schools to have outdated learning materials in libraries—not to mention a very limited number available for student use. Between cutbacks and budgetary constraints, a lot of schools are unable to replace these resources as easily as they would like. The cloud makes it possible for schools to update learning materials in real time.

More accessible hardware and software

Students today will most probably have access to the Internet via smartphones and tablets, if not laptops. With academic materials available in the cloud, students will likely already have the means to access them using tools they are already familiar with.

Improve institutional productivity and academic process  

On the faculty side, cloud computing for education allows schools to manage students better via a central archive of student records, files and other related documents.

This gives teachers better access to student information and more efficient means to provide them with learning materials and tools.

For students, cloud becomes a core classroom tool that allows them to readily and comfortably reach out to teachers as well as other students, encouraging collaboration anytime, anywhere.

The advantages of cloud computing for education are greater than the typical back-end IT and financial benefits—it also empowers students, teachers and administrators to create a better learning environment that encourages collaboration and community.

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