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Unified Communications

At iWise Consulting, we help businesses to establish Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that have unified communications capabilities. The term “unified communications” or “UC” refers to the integration of a variety of real-time communications services, such as chat or instant messaging, video conferencing, presence information, telephony, data sharing, speech recognition or call control with other, non-real-time communications services including unified messaging (voicemail, SMS, email, fax).

Unified communications is therefore not a single product, but a collection of communications types strategically integrated for the convenience of the client.

What are the benefits of unified communications?

There are numerous advantages inherent to using unified communications. These include:

  • Cost. The streamlined nature of unified communications helps to reduce the costs of your communication and infrastructure. By bundling all of these communications services into one package and being able to use all of them over one broadband connection, you save a significant amount of money by not needing separate data plans or other connections.
  • Easier use. Because all of these communications tools are brought together in a single platform, employees can use these tools from the same interface and do more communicating at a faster rate.
  • Mobility. Employees who use unified communication technology can stay in touch no matter where they are, and at any time! There are also no geographical limits to where you can call, so you can get in contact with people in other countries or regions without having to worry about long distance or international fees.
Our team of IT consultants at iWise Consulting is dedicated to providing your business with efficient, hi-tech ways to upgrade your communications. Contact us today for more information about our unified communications services and to learn how to get started.

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