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Custom Web App Development

Building custom web applications is an excellent way for businesses to extend their brand and reach out to their customers in a creative way. At iWise Consulting, we help businesses to develop these applications and ensure that they function properly.

Web applications run through your internet browser and sit on a web server, rather than on the PC or local server. These applications are designed to interact with users on your website. The most common type of web application is an online shopping feature, but there are limitless types of applications that you can develop to add new and exciting layers to your web presence.

What are the benefits of developing custom web applications?

Some of the biggest advantages of web applications include:

  • No installation necessary. There are no downloads or installs for your visitors to worry about – the application simply works through the internet browser.
  • Easy updates. These updates do not affect your user’s browsing experience and can be implemented at any time. There is also very little maintenance required with web applications.
  • Use across multiple platforms. For example, a smart phone or tablet user can use the same application that a PC user can.
  • Branding opportunities. Since many web applications are custom designed for the purposes of a specific business, these applications present further opportunities to extend your brand image.
  • Cost-effective. Web applications built with open source technologies can be built within short amounts of time while still producing tremendous results.
Contact us at iWise Consulting today to get started with development of your custom web application. We are happy to answer any questions that you have about what these applications can do for your business.

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